About Mjälloms


Water, flour and hot ovens – the origin of the classic Swedish flatbread. The origins of the flatbread can be traced back to the High Coast where in 1923, in the small village of Mjällom, Mjälloms Tunnbröd, Sweden’s oldest flatbread bakery was founded.

About Mjälloms Flatbread


Our secret: Swedish grains of the highest quality, centuries of craftsmanship and a large dose of passion. We bake everything in our own bakery and baker’s cottage. Our baking of flatbread follows the same steps as when the first dough was set, completely according to Grandma Ruth’s recipe, knowledge and tradition.

For soon 100 years

we have developed the craft of flatbread baking and delivered moments of joy. Grandma Rut’s original recipe has been preserved and through our curiosity and knowledge we have developed and preserved the flatbread for generations with knowledgeable bakers. We wonder if Grandma Rut from the bakery in the small town of Mjällom in Norrland could imagine that her bread would be a Swedish classic and be awarded prizes by the Gastronomic Academy? Back then, when she provided lumberjacks, factory workers and people in villages along the river with her good bread, packed in wooden boxes. Grandma would probably be proud if she knew that her flatbread, almost 100 years later, is enjoyed both at breakfast tables and in gourmet restaurants.

We still bake

flatbread in the same oven that we installed in 1946, rolled out in the same rolling mill as back then. During the baking process, we use our own measurements and senses to make the perfect flatbread, all based on Grandma Ruth’s view of how a flatbread should look and taste. The result is a really good golden-baked flatbread with crispy bubbles.

We continue

to keep an open mind to new tempting flavors, trends and delicious recipes. Today, the classic flatbread coexists with gourmet products such as the original 1923 flatbread and flatbread chips. Bread deliveries go not only to the countryside but to the whole of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

If you have not yet tried flatbread, we suggest a crispy flatbread sandwich with a piece of potato, a little crème fraiche and a dash of bleak roe. Or why not a palt-flatbread sandwich with a good pâté or avocado on it. Of course, it is most delicious with just a dollop of butter.


The main owner of Mjälloms Tunnbröd is Torbjörn Ullsten and as CEO, baker and flatbread trader, he runs Grandma Rut’s bakery together with the family. The company has 17 employees and a turnover of 30 million.